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  Introducing the new BLACK TIE Collection
Elegance as an attitude that brings people together, refinement as a synonym for experience, comfort absolute as a need for personal well-being that is also meant to be shared with guests: this is the feeling transmitted by the 2017 Black Tie collection.
Soft and discreet elegance. A masterly mix of renowned sofas, dormouse, poufs with innovative techniques, austere lamps and beaming interior design items used to integrate, adorn and make its collection of sofas and seating solutions even more comfortable, with perfect harmony and an elegant practical touch.

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 A shelter of handcraft elegance that combines a classic design,
look and a tasteful retro feel.


More inspirations from Black Tie

“Black Tie to emphasize that elegance
must always be at the forefront of his designs”



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Thicas introduces an innovative concrete solutions
for flooring and wall covering

This innovative interior decorative polished concrete floor planks has a smoked white oak, and a combination oak top layer backed on concrete. This attractive, real concrete finish shows the irregularities and characteristics of a typical polished concrete floor. The planks are 120 x 30 x 1.4 cm, micro beveled and engineered to an exceptionally high standard.


The Thinnest Concreate Wall Panel.

Concreate wall panels measure 120 x 60 x 0.4 cm and are very lightweight. They can easily be cut with a sharp blade and can be installed with Concreate Wall Adhesive on any flat surface.

Concreate thicas interiors

What is it made from?

There are 2 layers of concrete. The base layer makes up 75% of the plank, which is magnesium oxide cement with layers of recycled textile. This gives the base a pliable strength. The top layer is a micro fiber concrete, air cured and finished with 3 coats of high solid natural oil.

    The only hybrid tongue & groove floor system in the industry

We took this innovation one step further by integrating a prefinished wood top layer mounted over the same mineral cement board that fits with the Concreate floor planks seamlessly. This creates the ability to combine both concrete and wood floor planks next to each other with virtually no offset.

Smooth neat transition from Concrete to Wood floor planks.
Fire & Water resistant, ideal for all rooms.
Extremely durable and suitable for common areas.



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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design, Technology and Marketing. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.


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THICAS provides consultancy
and sources suitable leathers 
for premium fitting outs.

Passionate cultivators of design and project innovations, we source, select and recommend luxurious leathers in the field of furnishings for exclusive homes, luxurious hotels and yachts.

Partnering with manufacturers in Italy, where the leather is a product of culture, we are able to deliver not only a product of craftsmanship quality, but solutions for creativity, flexibility and personalization. 

Discover the pleasure of a luxurious, soft and supple leather suitable for any expectations.



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Suede and Pearlized Leather for luxurious decor

Warm tones of brown, creme and platinum for a vibrant look




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Exploring Shapes…
Multi-functionality, craftsmanship and the combined use of wood and leather is the soul of the WILDSPIRIT collection. All pieces are created by designers who convert innovative ideas into signature pieces. Through a deep sense of details, Wildspirit explores pure lines and playful shapes which empower each item to match all kinds of interiors, from minimalist to modern or classic to timeless.
The beautiful PLAY chair is one of the most popular items. This elegant and contemporary chair is made from one piece of tree trunk, is easily stackable and really comfortable. 
…Meeting People

WILDSPIRIT creates refined design, especially shaped for places where people meet each other. The basic collection consists of stunning chairs, tables, stools and objects available in a variety of heights with infinite possibilities for customization.
Choose the type of wood, match the fabric color or upholster any pieces to create your own style of luxury.


Discover ARCH,   the latest product

ARCH is a dynamic and elegant chair combining simplicity and subtlety.
A rich and sinuous massive wood structure is combined with leather upholstered seat and backrest.
The unique identity of ARCH lays in its fine proportions and a soft sinuous line as well as in its inviting oval chip shaped backrest.
Features such as assembly details and chamfers which run along its edges create slender surfaces onto which light gently shines.
ARCH comes with or without armrest, both of which are stackable.



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Thicas presents our selection of designer furniture inspired by Oriental spirit and nature to create a peaceful and well-being harmony at home. Explore a unique mix and match furniture, accessorize and lighting which emphasize the Chinese influences, culture and spirituality within every interiors.

So Chic Black & White.


Artsy Furniture.


Inspiring Lamps.




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THICAS inspires you with 3 MODERN CLASSICAL Sofa & Armchair Collections
We aim to a constant search for tasteful and snug shapes, flawless finishes, noble materials and a meticulous crafting, to give life to sustainable pieces. Intended for furnishing and decorating spaces, our handmade sofa and armchair selection is dedicated to relaxing and lounging, while combining durability, coziness and functionality.
With a wide range of fabrics, leathers or synthetics, the Sophisticated Curves Collection can also be combined with different woodbase finishes lacquer or natural and matching or contrast color zipper hidden bindings. It is produced in different options to match every mood ideas according to the space: Amrchair, Love seat, 3 Seater sofa and Meridienne.


The Classical Chesterfield sofa collection is presented in a solid wooden board, with American Walnut veneer, together with black lacquered iron feet. Classic details meld with contemporary design for an elegant touch, to perfectly fit all kind of facilities, waiting room, reception areas, home space.


Each of these modern pieces can be personalized in one solid color, or blocked in two colors whether exterior and front in one color and interior in contrast or exterior fabric different from inner one. Creating a unique product made to order to meet the customer’s needs and space.



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THE LIQUOR CABINET. Liquor bar with supporting structure in polished gold metal elements, high gloss polyester lacquer finish wood cabinet. Internal surface in white leather and antique mirror. Ceiling hidden diffused LED light system. Wood cabinet also available in red, dark blue and green.

THE MARBLE LAMP. Simplicity is synonymous with elegance. Table lamp for diffused or downward lighting produced with care to be a bright piece of furniture within the room. Its main body is made of Carrara marble, while the metal parts are in shiny gold finishing. This detail gives much bright vitality. The lampshade with stiff fabric is the finishing touch of a balanced and eye-catching shaped element.

THE FLOOR LAMP. Ideal for lovers of designer lighting and architecture and quality design Made in Italy. An element of great visual and emotional impact. The profiles, in gold, give a classic and precious detail. Similarly, the linear and determined structure is clearly modern and current. A beauty necessary to own and admire in every facet.



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Thicas presents innovative and contemporary parasols for an inspirational addition to any outdoor setting that requires shade from the sun, bringing a playful & alluring touch to any scene or situation. 


TAHITI. Enjoy our brand new tropical design under this colorful, elegant, waterproof parasol to brighten up your terrace! A touch of magic which gives you that holiday feeling and makes everybody so happy!
BREEZER. What happens when you mix an ordinary laundry carousel with a piece of art like ‘The Gates’ by Christo? You end up with a pure innovative garden terrace parasol concept which plays with wind, movement and light.
FROU FROU. Close your eyes and listen breeze dancing to the rhythm of the wind. Get the Mediterranean feeling with the exotic Frou Frou Parasol, a contemporary object that decorates your terrace and brings a new sensory experience: Watch, stroke and listen.
SOLIS. Check out this 4 design awards parasol with extraordinary, architectural charisma. Extremely handy than even a child can easily open and close the Solis without using any extra force.
GULLIVER. By using waterproof fabrics, this umbrella shape sunshade can be used over sunny and rainy days. It also creates an ideal fancy smoking point outside bars and cafés.
THE COUPE BASE. Give your fantasy full scope and fill your Coupe to your heart’s content with champagne on a bed of ice or with beautiful flowers that make your garden even more attractive. The possibilities are endless.