Thicas name (pronounced Tee-Kas) derived from 2 special boys names THIbault & LuCAS


Founded in 2008 in Singapore, Thicas opened 2 years after its second office in Hong Kong.
Thicas provides decorations for indoor and outdoor projects.


Working closely with our network of Interior Designers, Architects, Property Developers, Hoteliers, Contractors and Purchasing Companies, we source, design, manufacture and deliver.


A lot of our products are custom made and we distribute a wide range of flooring, furniture and finishes.

Our Vision

We are Effective and Efficient Partners in the Creation of Value and Extraordinary Experiences.

Why Work With Us






We listen for people’s commitments and create alignment around what really matters. We speak in a way to fulfill and surpass upon those created goals.
Dynamic means to us being a positive source of stimulation of progress and action. We take on dancing in each and every conversation.
Whole and complete work means we reliably deliver the best result, with quality, time and cost in mind. Thicas connects the dots between different interest groups involved in the project and delivers.
We say what we do and we do what we say.

Our Capabilities
Listen, See, Inspire

We listen for and see what kind of moods the client wants to create. Being inspired we bring our own suggestions to the table and bounce off ideas what works and what does not.

Present, Design, Draw

We have a wide range of standard collections available; if those do not fulfil the requirements we design and draw custom solutions for you.

Source, Produce, Project Manage

We source what the project requests. We produce decorations like wooden floors, carpets, fabrics, lighting or furniture and we make sure this happens within a certain budget, time frame and according to a quality standard.

Deliver, Install

We provide delivery and installation services.

After Sales Service

We are responsible. Count on our support to provide you peace of mind, safety and security.

  • We are Partners in the Creation of Value and Extraordinary Experiences.
Our Mission

For customers who value authenticity, transparency and peace of mind, Thicas’ team members live to make decorated dreams come through.


At Thicas, we are responsible, focus on efficiency and contribute to a beautiful world where we all come together and progress as happy and fulfilled human beings.

Our Brands

With a combined experience of more than 50 years in the sector, Thicas has hand selected great designs, textures and colors to translate the ideas of what we stand for.
We proudly present our first brand of wood flooring: F-Squared.

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Our Team

The team at Thicas is the most valuable asset. With extraordinary people on board we work hard and efficient, we know there is only 1 life for us to enjoy.
Our commitment to excellence brings joy to each and every person we work with and for.


We are always looking for the right team players.
If you aspire to be part of our team, send out your CV: begreat@thicas.org